Rectangular Water Feature Reservoir 90L with 85cm x 55cm Galvanised Grid - Apollo

Rectangular Water Feature Reservoir 90L with 85cm x 55cm Galvanised Grid - Apollo

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This 79cm x 48cm Rectangular Water Feature Reservoir includes a strong Galvanized Grid which overlaps the rim by approximately 3cm on each side, as shown in the main photo. These grids are the best choice for very heavy water features as the weight is distributed evenly around the rim of the reservoir.  The reservoir is HDPE and can be free standing or sunk into the ground


Reservoir is 79cm x 48cm x 30cm deep, holds 90 litres. Galvanised grid is 85cm x 55cm and includes the insert piece for the pump access - the gap in the grid allows you to access the pump for servicing without dismantling the feature. The grid is normally hidden with pebbles, slate chippings etc. Hose taps are available for better water flow control if required although most pumps allow some adjustment to the flow

Tip: For heavy features it is important to take the weight off the reservoir which being plastic could buckle. You can do this by excavating a hole to exactly fit the reservoir and resting the grid on the ground which will support the weight of the feature. Alternatively if you are keeping the reservoir above ground use columns of bricks or blocks inside the reservoir to support the weight of the grid - there will still be room for the pump

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