Round Water Feature Reservoir 275L and 112cm Galvanised Grid with Tabs - EC

Round Water Feature Reservoir 275L and 112cm Galvanised Grid with Tabs - EC

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This 112cm Round Reservoir comprises of a black plastic tub and includes a strong Galvanized Grid which fits just inside the rim, as shown in the main photo. The grid is capable of holding a water feature weighing up to 150kg per m2. Can be used free standing or sunk into the ground. The reservoir grid is normally hidden with cobblestones, slate pieces, rocks and or plants. Free standing reservoirs can be hidden with log roll, screening etc. Tip: For heavy features it is important to take the weight off the reservoir by building up a column of bricks or blocks inside the reservoir to support the grid. (Alternatively consider buying this reservoir and a square grid, sinking the reservoir into the ground, enabling the corners of the grid to take the weight of heavy features)

Water Feature Kit 3 available: we also offer this Reservoir and Grid as part of a kit which includes the pump, hose, and fine mesh to cover the grid to prevent leaves etc falling in - Water Feature Kit 3 which is cheaper than buying all these the items separately


  • Round HDPE Plastic Sump 112cm external diameter at the rim, Depth 32cm. Holds 275 litres
  • Galvanised Grid with 8 tabs. The tabs sit on the rim so the grid fits just inside the rim. Grid diameter 112cm including tabs, grid depth 2.5cm. Each tab is drilled so the grid can be secured to the reservoir with a screw in each tab (not supplied). Includes the Pump Access Hatch cover which can be removed so you can maintain the pump without dismantling your water feature

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