Round Water Feature Reservoir with 87cm Galvanised Grid - Ubbink Garden

Round Water Feature Reservoir with 87cm Galvanised Grid - Ubbink Garden

Product details

This 87cm Round Reservoir is a strong black plastic tub and a strong Galvanized Grid which fits inside the rim, as shown in the main photo. The grid is capable of holding a water feature weighing up to 150kg per m2. Can be used free standing or sunk into the ground

Water Feature Kit available: we also offer this reservoir as part of a kit which includes the pump, hose, pump access cover and some fine mesh to cover the grid - see Water Feature kit 2 which is cheaper than buying the items separately

Dimensions: 87cm across the rim x 32cm deep, holds 150 litres.  The grid is hidden with cobbles, rocks, paddle stones etc. There is a 20cm square gap in the grid to provide access for servicing the pump. Insert Piece included to fit this gap (please contact us if not required as the gap can be covered with a large rock or slate instead) 

Tip: For heavy features it is important to take the weight off the pond by building up a column of bricks or blocks under each corner of a square grid, or if using a round grid, build the columns inside the pond. Hide exterior supports with screening, log roll or sink the whole lot into the ground

Free delivery to UK Mainland or Click & Collect usually de within 3 working days, please call us if needed more urgently, we my be able to offer Next Day delivery for a small surcharge

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