Square Water Feature Grid 140cm - Ubbink Garden

Square Water Feature Grid 140cm - Ubbink Garden

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This 140cm Square Galvanised Grid allows the maximum amount of water to drain back into the reservoir (not included). The  grid is hidden with cobbles, rocks, paddle stones etc. A square grid is ideal for use for an in-ground sump using a round reservoir or an excavated hole lined with pond liner as the corners of the grid can rest on the ground. There is 20cm x 20cm gap in the grid so the pump can be serviced without the water feature being dismantled.

Dimensions: 140cm x 140cm x 2cm deep, mesh size 4cm x 4cm. Pump access gap 20cm x 20cm. Weight 22kg. Can support 150kg per m2 


This item has been discounted by £10 as the pump access cover is currently unavailable due to supplier issues.The 20cm2 gap in the grid enables access to the pump without the water feature being dismantled. The access point can be covered with a rock, a piece of slate, a waterproof tile, or any suitable rigid mesh. If the supplier issues are resolved this year we will contact you to offer the insert

Tip: For heavy features it is important to take the weight off any plastic reservoir under the grid by building up a column of bricks or blocks under each corner of a square grid, or if using a round grid, build the columns inside the reservoir

This item is only available for Click & Collect from DN5 7UB. This item is too big for regular carriers and larger than a pallet so we cannot ship this item. If you cannot collect yourself we suggest contacting companies like Anyvan, Shiply etc for a quote. To buy Click & Collect add this item to your shopping cart and at the first page of the Checkout use the dropdown box next to United Kingdom and select Click & Collect instead 

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