Swallow Cold Frame 4 x 2 - Swallow GB

Swallow Cold Frame 4 x 2 - Swallow GB

Product details

This quality Swallow 4 x 2 Cold Frame is constructed of thermowood, thermally modified Redwood Pine, and are made to complement Swallow Toughened Safety Glass Greenhouses and Potting Sheds. They are built and delivered by the same manufacturer for customers who would like a cold frame to match their main purchase. If you order a painted greenhouse/potting shed and choose a painted cold frame it will be made the same colour as the building ordered

Size:  4'5 x 2'1  

Finish options: Natural Wood, Natural Oiled or Painted to match your garden building

Important: These cold frames are delivered at the same time as a new Toughened Safety Glass Greenhouse or Safety Glass Potting Shed. We cannot supply them at a later date as they are made ready to use and too heavy for courier delivery. If required please place your order at the same time as a Swallow Greenhouse or Potting Shed, orders placed without one of these garden buildings cannot be processed

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