Water Feature Reservoir Kit 3 including Pump & Tabbed Galvanised Grid 112cm x 32cm 275L - EC

Water Feature Reservoir Kit 3 including Pump & Tabbed Galvanised Grid 112cm x 32cm 275L - EC

Product details

This Water Feature Reservoir Kit 3 includes a 112cm Round Tub and Galvanised Grid with 8 support tabs plus everything else you need to get your own water feature working except the cobbles, slate pieces etc. Ideal for water features up to 120cm tall


  • Round HDPE Plastic reservoir 112cm diameter at the rim, Depth 32cm. Holds 275 litres
  • 112cm diameter Galvanised Grid with 8 tabs allowing the main grid to sit on the inside of the rim of the reservoir. Includes the pump access cover allowing servicing of the pump without having to dismantle the water feature. Depth of the grid is 2.5cm. The tabs are drilled so the grid can be secured to the reservoir with screws
  • Green Plastic mesh cover for the grid to prevent leaves and debris falling into the water. Mesh size 2mm x 2mm
  • Includes 1500L Water Feature Pump (no fountain kit) with two year guarantee. This is normally enough for a feature up to 90cm tall using 13m or 19mm hose. For taller features, or if the hose required is 25mm you should choose one of the larger pumps below by ticking the button. We are happy to advise before purchase but you can also exchange the pump for a different model if you find the one ordered is unsuitable (please return the original complete with box within 2 weeks) 
  • Choose from 13mm, 19mm or 25mm Hose to fit the inlet of your feature. The length of hose supplied is 1.5m but if you require it a bit longer please add this to your order instruction. We will supply any adapters needed to adapt this hose to the pump outlet
  • Instructions on how to set up the kit are included

Upgrades available

  • Blagdon MiniPond 1600L Water Feature & Fountain Pump
  • Blagdon MiniPond 2000L Water Feature & Fountain Pump
  • Betta 3000L Water Feature & Fountain Pump (Italian made good quality pump) 

Optional extras (tick button below if required)

  • Flow adjuster: this simple to use tap fits anywhere along the hose and can be used to easily adjust the water flow to your feature. All the pumps include some sort of simple flow control and you may want it on maximum flow so a separate flow adjuster is not usually required
  • Feature Kit Water Feature Cleaner - 16 tab pack. This will prevent growth of green algae on your feature and is totally safe for birds and pets. If you like a more natural look you might like the algae 

Free delivery to UK Mainland or Click & Collect usually shipped within 3 working days, other areas will need a personal quote

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