Start 250 Pond - 250L - Ubbink Garden

Start 250 Pond - 250L - Ubbink Garden

Product details

Start 250 is a pre-formed garden pond which includes a sunken rim and a deeper planting shelf. The sunken rim can be filled with gravel and used for planting marginals which make it great as a wildlife pond. The lower planting shelf can be used for water lilies etc. Not recommended if you have small dogs or small children which may struggle to get out if they fall in

Rigid construction but not self-supporting - the pond must be used in-ground after excavating the soil and levelling. Approx. dimensions Length 135cm x Width at widest part 110cm x Maximum depth 46cm. Holds 250 litres. Limited quantity available at less than half RRP

This price is only for Click & Collect from us at DN5 7UB. We cannot ship as the cost would be multiple times the cost of the item but you may be able to arrange cost effective collection yourself with Anyvan or Shiply etc. To buy Click & Collect add this item to your shopping cart and at the first page of the Checkout use the dropdown box next to United Kingdom and select Click & Collect instead 

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